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Why Do the Elderly Become Childlike?

An older man with his head fracturing as a visual representation of grappling with depression, frustration, and helplessness caused by dementia

As our loved ones age, we may notice changes not just in their physical bodies but also in their mental and emotional states. We may even see them becoming increasingly childlike.  This childlike behavior can be attributed to a combination of physiological changes, psychological factors, and social dynamics, highlighting the complex challenges of aging. With […]

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How to Move a Parent with Dementia to Assisted Living?

A senior woman and a young woman smiling while embracing each other.

Transiting a parent living with dementia into an assisted living community can be a challenging journey. The process is often emotionally draining for both. Every parent wants to maintain their independence for as long as possible, but in some situations, it can be impractical and even unsafe for them to do so. Dementia can be […]

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10 Ways to Help an Elderly Parent with Memory Loss

A woman hugging her senior father from behind while he is sitting on a couch.

It can feel overwhelming to see your parent struggle with memory loss, especially when you’re unsure how you can help them. Dementia affects everyone in the family and is a progressive disease that needs understanding, patience, and often the care of a memory care community.  Ten ways to help an elderly parent with memory loss […]

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What Causes Dementia Patients to Wander?

A senior person wearing a green shirt looking confused after wandering outdoors.

As an adult child of a parent with dementia, you may constantly worry about their safety. One of the most common concerns that seniors with dementia face is wandering. Wandering can be dangerous, exposing seniors to unfamiliar places and risks that could compromise their overall well-being. While wandering is common among seniors with dementia, it […]

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Gift Ideas for Parent with Dementia

An adult daughter gifted her mother a photo album of her mother? They are sitting on the sofa while looking at the photographs.

Depending on what stage of dementia your loved one is experiencing, they may have various needs or capabilities. Someone in the early stages will likely value the same gifts or experiences they had previously cherished. But when their condition changes, they may find comfort in new ways or benefit from services over items. Personalizing a […]

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What Are the Stages of Dementia?

a puzzle shaped like a head with piece in the centre missing to represent dementia

Dementia is a general term for a group of complex diseases that affect memory, thinking, and behavior. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and affects older adults.  Dementia begins with mild changes in mental function and slowly worsens to severe impairments in cognition. If you have a loved one with dementia, knowing […]

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