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Why Do the Elderly Become Childlike?

An older man with his head fracturing as a visual representation of grappling with depression, frustration, and helplessness caused by dementia

As our loved ones age, we may notice changes not just in their physical bodies but also in their mental and emotional states. We may even see them becoming increasingly childlike.  This childlike behavior can be attributed to a combination of physiological changes, psychological factors, and social dynamics, highlighting the complex challenges of aging. With […]

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Vaping, Alcohol, Aspartame: Do They Cause Memory Loss?

Smoking, drinking, and artificial sweeteners quickly become habits that are hard to break. We all know these things aren’t necessarily good for us, but what if they were also affecting our brain health, especially in our senior years? Regardless of how your loved one started developing memory issues, it’s important to make sure they are […]

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6 Therapeutic Activities for the Elderly

Finding enjoyable, therapeutic activities for seniors to participate in can be difficult. It’s not uncommon for older adults to spend hours of the day doing nothing but watching TV. Seniors, more than younger adults, require consistent mental and physical stimulation. This will aid in the prevention of cognitive decline caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s […]

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Are People with Alzheimer’s Immunocompromised?

A close-up view of a female caregiver's hand's around a seniors hand's in a memory care community

Alzheimer’s: Physical Health Effects Alzheimer’s disease can impact lives in many ways. When many of us think of Alzheimer’s or dementia, we think of how it affects memory. Although it’s important to consider memory support when living with Alzheimer’s, it’s not the only concern. In addition to the emotional and mental effects, Alzheimer’s disease can […]

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